On this website, I'd like to further introduce myself and my work to you: I'm

3D & VFX artist Roman Kessler

, I also hold a degree in computer science in economics. I work as freelancer in my studio near Berlin and upon request also on site.
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Meine Arbeiten
Roman KesslerI see myself as

3D generalist

, that means I am able to work on nearly every aspect of a CG- or postproduction. Technical requirements are just a means to an end for me. A fast and easy solution is often also the best solution. The most important aim in my opinion should always be to make the finished image or the finished movie in it's entirety as sophisticated and interesting as possible.   Personally, I prefer a matt and somewhat dirty look compared to an often sterile appearing CG high-polish look. Of course with my commissional works I focus entirely on the requirements of the client and work in every desired style, no matter if illustrative or realistic.
I am working with this software:
  3D Software:
Maya Production experience, many years
Lightwave Very good knowledge
RealFlow (Fluids) Production experience
Vue xStream Experience, many years
Z-Brush Production experience
CityEngine Production experience
2D and Compositing
Fusion Very good knowledge
After Effects Very good knowledge
Photoshop Very good knowledge
PFTrack, Mocha, Premiere
HTML, Graphik and Layout:
Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign